Monday, 29 June 2009

sensational fix #3 'morley'

with the first issue sold out and the second nearly sold out, the third issue of sensational fix zine will be dedicated in its entirety to the work of the new zealand artist and experimental musician michael morley (a.o. known from dead c and gate). the edition will contain a text by michael as well as reproductions of a selection of his art in colour. we are currently discussing whether a CD with unissued sound or a DVD with a video/sound work by michael will be included in the booklet.

the publication is planned for release on 13 august 2009 to coincide with the opening of michael's art exhibition that i organise with him and DE PLAYER at their premises in rotterdam. DE PLAYER will issue a limited edition square 8 inch record with unissued sound by michael that will be presented the same date and will be available there exclusively (for the moment). michael will furthermore perform that night and there will be some surprise acts. his film 'the black album' will be screened that night as well.

keep an eye on this blog and the website of DE PLAYER for more details.

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