Sunday, 17 January 2010

order now: SENSATIONAL FIX ZINE #4/5

the special double issue SENSATIONAL FIX ZINE #4/5, the last in the series, has contributions by LEAH SINGER/LEE RANALDO (ZINE #4) & KIM GORDON/THURSTON MOORE (ZINE #5). it will be available next week.

special price for this double issue (48 pages!), p+p included:
1 copy: 8,50 €
2 copies: 16 €
3 copies: 23 €

as of now, orders could be made out to, upon which you'll receive a paypal invoice for the amount due. payments by paypal only. don't wire to paypal immediately but wait for your invoice first. thank you!

limited availability of ZINES #1, 2 + 3.

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