Thursday, 5 March 2009


the first publication of SENSATIONAL FIX will be the zine SENSATIONAL FIX ZINE #1 ‘silence’ to which thirteen of the artists who participate in the exhibition SONIC YOUTH etc: SENSATIONAL FIX contributed a double page each. these artists are: chris habib; cameron jamie; richard kern; john miller; maya miller; thurston moore; michael morley; tony oursler; lee ranaldo; leah singer; dennis tyfus; nate young & alivia zivich; and zeloot.

being the first of a series, SENSATIONAL FIX ZINE #1 ‘silence’ sets the standard for the following volumes: its size is 148 x 148 mm and the edition 500 numbered copies in offset print. the first zine will be printed in black and white, and has 28 pages (cover included). it’s about to go to press these days and you’ll read about its birth in this blog.

the idea behind the series of zines is that they pay for their own production by their sales without any of the participants – including the organiser – making any profits. the small margin – if any – on the sales of the first volume goes towards the production of the next one, and so forth and so on. this will keep prices low, which guarantees distribution, (fairly) frequent new volumes and happy customers, while nobody pays taxes!

SENSATIONAL FIX ZINE #1 ‘silence’ will initially be sold at the kunsthalle/KIT düsseldorf, where the exhibition is on show right now, and the malmö konsthall, where the exhibition will travel next, opening 29 may 2009. possibly also through the sonic youth webstore. right now SENSATIONAL FIX is studying the feasibility of further online distribution of the zines. read all about it and about future volumes in a next blog issue.

p.s. sonic youth will perform in respectively april and may on the locations of the exhibition.

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