Monday, 30 March 2009


while continuing work with michael morley on his zine in the series - planned for july 2009, to coincide with his european solo tour as GATE - i just invited a next group of thirteen artists from the SENSATIONAL FIX exhibition to contribute a double page to a second compilation zine titled: SENSATIONAL FIX ZINE #2 ‘noise’.

until they confirm their participation i cannot tell you the names, but i got the first confirmations in from marco fusinato, john olsen, my cat is an alien, and christian marclay.

now that i'm seriously continuing the series - 4 more issues are planned, roughly between may and november - i think it's fair that you could subscribe to it. as of now i cannot fix the prices for all zines to the same as for #1, as it depends on the number of pages, colour vs black and white, if it contains a DVD (as planned for morley's) etc. how much it should go for to cover production cost and continue the series. but i could guarantee the lowest possible prices as - again - we're not innit for the money.

thanks for your continuous support. subscribe now to and be assured to receive your future copies of SENSATIONAL FIX ZINE! (subscriptions for up to 3 copies per person)

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